Do I need any documents to qualify for the program?

Yes. You must have at least the documents listed below before you begin the pre-screening process online or over the phone.

The following will be required for pre-screening:

  • Participants must provide documentation of the impact of COVID-19 to their circumstance, including but not limited to the following:
    • Proof of job/income loss, temporary or permanent
    • Reduction in work hours/income
    • Increased healthcare and household expenses that attributed to insufficiency of rent/mortgage payments (i.e. increased child-care expenses due to school closures).
  • Copies of the following: valid, current Passport or State ID Card or Driver’s license (for each adult in the household)
  • Birth Certificate for at least each minor.
  • Proof of income, if any (unemployment benefits, check stubs, TANF, etc.)
  • Proof of occupancy for all household members (lease)

Additional documents may be needed as applicants progress through the process:

  • For those applying for rental assistance:
    • a copy of your current lease; and
    • a late or eviction notice(s) for monthly rent or proof of circumstance (any paperwork that can support how the household was adversely affected by COVID-19)

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