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Garland's Industry Clusters

Garland’s thriving economy is due in large part to the diversity of industries represented within the city’s manufacturing base. Through the years, many nationally-known companies have relocated or expanded to Garland in order to be closer to the suppliers of various elements necessary for efficient production. Please visit the Garland Chamber of Commerce website for more information on Garland's industries.

Garland industry can be grouped into the 13 major clusters listed below. For more detailed information about industries represented in Garland, see our business directory.

Garland's Industry Clusters
Garland Industry Clusters
Agriculture, forestry, and mining 0.70%
Construction 9.57%
Manufacturing 12.83%
Wholesale trade 2.34%
Retail trade 11.83%
Transportation and warehousing 4.04%
Information 2.65%
Finance and insurance 8.08%
Professional, and management 11.94%
Educational services, and health care 18.98%
Arts and entertainment 8.71%
Other services 6.61%
Public administration 1.74%